Medical Oncologist & Clinical Researcher

Associate Professor Timothy Clay is a highly regarded Medical Oncologist, delivering exceptional care to patients at both SJGSH and the ICON Cancer Centre Midland. With a focus on oncology, he brings expertise and compassion to the forefront of cancer treatment, striving to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals facing this challenging diagnosis.

In addition to his clinical practice, Associate Professor Clay is actively involved in several professional affiliations and organizations. He is a valued member of prominent groups such as AGITG, ANZUP, ALTG, BCT, COSA, MOGA, and TOGA, where he collaborates with fellow experts in the field to advance research, develop treatment guidelines, and shape the future of cancer care.

Through his dedication to patient-centered care and active participation in professional communities, Associate Professor Timothy Clay demonstrates a commitment to excellence in oncology, ensuring that individuals receive the best possible care and support throughout their cancer journey.