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Targeting High-Priority Drugs and Innovative Devices to Address Unmet Medical Needs


Delirium is a global problem and a serious life-threatening medical condition resulting in extended hospital stays, poor outcomes and death. Delirium occurs in up to 70% of ICU patients and it impacts millions of patients worldwide. It is characterised by disturbances in mental function that causes confusion, disorientation and results in changes in cognition and behaviour, from patients withdrawing to aggressive actions.

There is no registered or approved specific treatment, which means there is an urgent unmet clinical need.

Off-label options are currently used; however, these demonstrate poor effectiveness and have significant side-effects.

Placebo Controlled Medical Drug Research Study

Our Solution is a "Solution"

Reliis has reformulated an injectable aqueous solution, RLS-Q2201, that can be administered intravenously to patients. This is ideally suited to the ICU setting, but also has a significant value in the aged care and palliative care settings.

The advantages RLS-Q2201 has over other existing less-effective products:

IP and Patents

Intellectual property is an important part of Reliis’ strategic development and protection of its drug products.

Reliis works closely with a leading IP and Patent legal firm in the development of RLS-Q2201 to ensure a secure and strong IP position

Other Products

Reliis has several other clinically important drugs and one device for which there is deemed a significant and viable market.

Our Scientific Advisory Board continues to assess unmet clinical needs ensuring Reliis is a leader in guiding excellence in clinical innovation.