Pharmacist & Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Dr. Leanne Chalmers brings a wealth of expertise and academic leadership to the esteemed Curtin Medical School, where she holds the position of Associate Professor. With her background in Pharmacy, holding a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. Chalmers enriches the medical curriculum with her deep understanding of pharmaceutical sciences and their integration into clinical practice. Her multidisciplinary approach bridges the gap between pharmacy and medicine, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of pharmacological principles and their application in patient care.

As an Associate Professor, Dr. Chalmers plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational experiences of future healthcare professionals, instilling in them a strong foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills. Through her dedication to teaching and mentorship, she empowers students to become compassionate and competent healthcare practitioners, equipped to address the complex challenges of modern medicine. Dr. Chalmers’ contributions to the Curtin Medical School underscore her commitment to excellence in medical education and her passion for advancing the field of healthcare through interdisciplinary collaboration.