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The Intranasal Actuator Device developed by Reliis is set to be a groundbreaking medical device designed to address the unmet clinical need for fast and accurate drug delivery, particularly in patient groups where intravenous (IV) access is challenging or not feasible, such as children, cognitively impaired individuals, and agitated or anxious patients.

In various settings including Emergency Departments (EDs), Prehospital environments like ambulances and remote sites, as well as military settings, IV access can be difficult or impossible. This poses significant challenges for administering opioid analgesics and sedative drugs effectively.

Reliis’ solution is an intranasal actuator system that facilitates rapid and precise drug delivery via the nasal route, enabling quick control of pain and agitation. This, in turn, allows for subsequent IV access when necessary. The device offers several advantages, including improved safety by reducing staff exposure to needles and the risk of needle stick injuries.

Furthermore, the device features tamper-proof and tamper-evident packaging to prevent drug diversion or misuse, ensuring the integrity of medication administration. With its versatility and potential to enhance patient care in a wide range of settings and patient groups, the Intranasal Actuator Device represents an important advancement in medical technology.

The Intranasal Actuator Device developed by Reliis is currently in Stage 1: Proof of Concept. Reliis is actively engaged with industrial designers for the development of prototypes, marking a significant step towards realising the concept into a tangible medical device.

Vaccine bottles and syringe injection. Medicine in ampoules.


Successful treatment and management of agitated delirium, a condition that presents as a state of mental confusion, restlessness, and agitation often occurs in medical settings, particularly in critically ill or hospitalised patients is limited.


Following major surgery, patients often experience hypotension requiring ICU admission, but many cannot take oral tablets due to their surgical condition. Reliis addresses this challenge with its innovative product, RLS-M2202.


Introducing RLS-C2203, Reliis’ ultra-pure Medicinal CBD formulation. Our advanced oral liquid cannabinoid product offers unparalleled purity, stability, and manufacturing reproducibility, setting a new standard in CBD therapeutics.

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